The shadow keep the howls of the great Werewolves.... that shall come to make their own world
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 Pack's Rules

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PostSubject: Pack's Rules   Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:54 am

So these are the pack's rules. They are for BOTH Feral Heart and website. Please follow them, they are very simple but shall not be ignored:

1) Harassing. If you offend a member, or insult it you will be banned from the site and kicked from the group.

2) Spamming. Repeteadly posts with random typing or idiot posts are spam. You will get a warn if you do this, and if you spam 3 times you are banned and kicked from the group.

3) Pesting. If you pest a Alpha to be in a higher rank, or a Beta to it talk to a Alpha, you will be banned from the site aswell kicked from the group.

4) Racism. Racism is when you offend severely a black, asian, indian, these type of people. This will not be accepted and you will be IP banned forever from the site and kicked from the group.

5) Pornography. If you post any pictures of sexual relations, or any shock images with pornographic photos, you will immediately get IP banned forever and kicked from the group.

Have fun here Very Happy

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Pack's Rules
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