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 Ascension Island Climbing Tutorial

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PostSubject: Ascension Island Climbing Tutorial   Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:32 pm

This is a small tutorial I made for you climb Ascension Island like a boss xD So here we go:

Step 1

a) Never go to Ascension Island when much people is in ( morning is the best time to go there ) or you may lag and crash.

b) Winged characters are useless as they can't fly there.

c) Never look down when climbing or you may fall.

Step 2

a) Try to land on the middle of the squares/circles or you may glitch and fall.

b) Ever save home when you are climbing in the case you fall.

c) Don't get distracted by other players or the scenario, or you will lose your focus and fall.

Step 3

a) When in the rings, don't run, or you will jump and land too far away of the ring.

b) Never land in the borde of the ring, because is glitched and you will fall down on Ascension Island.

c) When you are on the on Sky's rim portal, jump on ( not too high ).

I hope this help you! Very Happy

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Ascension Island Climbing Tutorial
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