The shadow keep the howls of the great Werewolves.... that shall come to make their own world
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 The Uprising Werewolves Pack

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PostSubject: The Uprising Werewolves Pack   Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:22 pm

This topic is made to show all the new members what are The Uprising Werewolves pack purposes, and explain all the things we can to make all clear to everyone:

--------The Pack: Requeriments--------

The Uprising Werewolves pack is a new pack made by Sora ( me ) which allows every type of Werewolf that want to join, but you need to follow some rules:

1) Your character needs to be realistic or semi-realistic
2) Literate, semi-literate or not literate
3) Needs to be close to the pack

--------The Pack: Story--------

Sora was a lone Werewolf seeking to find a pack or someone to live with. He was alone and ended up in Scarlet Woods, where he found Makia, which he fell in love with. Together, they made The Uprising Werewolves pack, which is growing pretty fast and healthy. The pack lives mainly in Atlantis, but occasionally, the Alphas or some members will head out back to Scarlet Woods to make some stuff for the pack.

--------The Pack: Purposes--------

Our main objective is to have fun, make friends, explore and Roleplay living the life a Werewolf have. We stick together defending our members and helping them in all things we can. Everyone is free to find a mate, and start a own family here. We are friendly with you, but we will get dangerous if you mess with us, or attack us.

Need more help? Contact Sora in Feral Heart ( Baryonyx17 ) or Makia ( SpiritHoliday ).

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The Uprising Werewolves Pack
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